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Our aims as a school and organisation

It is part of everyone’s job description to further and to promote the aims of the school as stated below.

In general:

Centre of English Studies places the highest importance on providing a safe and secure environment for all of our students and staff, but especially for young learners and juniors. Our recruitment processes and procedures will reflect this on-going commitment by making every reasonable effort to ensure that we employ appropriate, highly qualified, professional members of staff who understand and share this commitment.

In particular:

Our aims are:
  • To provide the highest quality of English language teaching possible
  • To provide this teaching in a safe school
  • To value the safety, security and opinions of all students and staff
  • To be a school where different people are welcome
  • To be a school that promotes tolerance and understanding
  • To be a school that will not accept bullying or any other type of intolerance
  • To provide a student centred environment in which it is fun to learn
  • To provide value for money
  • To be a school that cares about the welfare of all students and staff
  • To be a school that gives extra care to its young learners under the age of 18
  • To employ people who share these aims
  • To be an organisation that continually seeks to develop its offering to students
  • To be a school that operates with the highest levels of integrity and fairness
  • To be an organisation that works in accordance with the most ethical of business standards
  • To be an organisation that respects and values the work of our partners overseas