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CLIL in Secondary Schools  Leeds and London

Course Overview

This course is focused on enhancing the practical and theoretical knowledge of all of the participants in the area of CLIL for Secondary Schools. We will look at how the basic concepts of CLIL are put into practice in a range of different primary settings.


Course Aims

The primary aim of this course is to give each participant a clear idea of the nature of content and language integration and to help them build a roadmap for the integration of these two areas in their classroom. This course gives participants practical advice and tools to help them through this process. The creation of a community of best practice among the participants of this course helps the course aims develop and personalise.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course has been created with a focus on teachers who are currently in the process of integrating CLIL workings into their secondary classroom. It will support teachers who have a limited experience of CLIL, and give a solid groundwork of information and best practice to teachers who have never experienced a CLIL lesson.


What is in this course?

There is blend of synchronous and asynchronous content and task, as evidenced in the timetable. This allows for a great deal of differentiation which ensures that the course is able to focus on supporting each teacher within the realm of their own particular needs and expectations.


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