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Irish Culture and Contemporary English  Leeds and London

Course Overview

This course focuses on blending language development, some basic pedagogy, and Irish culture, both traditional and modern. On this course, the participants will be immersed in a general understanding of Irish culture and get an opportunity to experience and understand the growth and development of Ireland.


Course Aims

This course aims to provide a clear and comprehensive cultural experience for the participants. The course will aim at giving the participants a nuanced viewed of such areas if Irish culture as Irish dancing, Irish music, Irish sport, the Irish Language, Irish history, Irish politics, and the Irish diaspora. We will look at Ireland’s relationship with the UK, the EU, and the USA, and focus on the recent economic and social changes that Ireland has undergone.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for teachers at any stage of their career, from novice to expert. The cultural touchstones will be delivered in such a way as to make them relatable and comparable to teachers in their own context.


What is in this course?

This course will contain a number of presentation and practical engagement sessions where the participants get an understanding of each particular area of culture but also to actually engage as much as possible in the practical elements of the culture. Each participant will be able to take home a range of online resources to allow for further study and understanding. 


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