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Mindfulness for Teachers  Leeds and London

Course Overview

This course will look to move away from the traditional academic format of most teacher training courses and begin to look at such crucial areas as teacher well-being, teacher burn-out, and general mindfulness and mental health.


Course Aims

The course will aim to create a general awareness among teachers of their own holistic development and encourage each course participant to let off some steam and share coping strategies. We aim to encourage reflection and the identification to any barriers to teacher performance and teacher satisfaction. This course will aim to encourage reciprocal vulnerability among teachers and support a departure from any toxic behaviours identified.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for all teachers at all levels, and in all contexts. We recommend that participants on this course be at least a B1 level.


What is in this course?

We will look at some of the theory behind such key areas of teacher mindfulness and mental health. We will look at some of the practical advice suggested by experts to help us in each area and think about how it can be practically applied to our own context.


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