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Key Teaching Skills 2: Creativity, Project-Based Learning, and Using Media

Course Overview

In this course, we will focus on some of the fundamentals of pedagogy, namely Creativity, Project Based Learning, and Using Media. With Creativity we will look at not only the creation of innovative materials to engage and motivate your learners but we will also look at adding variety into your sessions by rethinking your current practice. With Project Based learning we will look at helping to develop learner independence through the use of self-study projects. And finally, we will look at the utilisation of media and technology in a range of different classroom contexts.


Course Aims

The aim of this course of to engage with the participant at their own level of competency and encourage them to reflect upon their practice in these three areas with a view to sustainable upskilling. 


Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for teachers at different levels of experience and competency, whether they are novice or expert, there will be something here to benefit them.


What is in this course?

This course seeks to blend the practical and the theoretical to ensure that the learnings garnered are relevant, consistent, and sustainable.


Aug 29th to Sept 2nd

For updated information on schedule, email Chris at [email protected]

More information:

Minimum Level:


Lessons per week:


Lesson duration:

100-120 minutes

Class Size:

Maximum 14

Minimum age:


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