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Teaching Young Learners  Leeds and London

Course Overview

This course focuses on both the fundamentals of teaching young learners, while at the same time giving the participant the opportunity to practise new methods and techniques in the field.


Course Aims

The primary aims of this course include:

Giving each participant a standard refresher on the basic pedagogical principles behind teaching young d learners at a range of levels.

Introducing and practising a number of new techniques and integrating a number of pedagogical tools.

Allowing for the sharing and dissemination of ideas of best practice among the course participants.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course has been created with a focus on teachers who are currently teaching young learners and for those who will teach young learners in the future.


What is in this course?

There is blend of synchronous and asynchronous content and task, as evidenced in the timetable. This allows for a great deal of differentiation which ensures that the course is able to focus on supporting each teacher within the realm of their own particular needs and expectations.


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