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Technology in the Classroom  Leeds and London

Course Overview

This course will look at the integration of technology into the traditional classroom. This course will be both practical and theoretical in nature with a clear line of connection drawn between both. This course is underpinned by the SAMR model of use of technology in the classroom.

Course Aims

This course aims to provide a clear and usable overview to teachers of a range of online tools and platforms that can be integrated into a language classroom as well as providing some tips for utilisation of said technology. This course will aim to communicate with the participants in language that they can understand and cut through the jargon to find some practical usages.


Who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for both novices and experts in terms of the integration of technology into the classroom. We have the ability on this course to focus on differentiated outcomes for different participants, such is the vast nature of the topic.


What is in this course?

This course will have a number of workshops all fronted by a presentation but involving group and pair work, and reflection tasks. This course will try to use free online tools as much as possible and we will provide a sample list of tools before the course for participants to look at and get familiar with. 

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