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4 Reasons to Choose Dublin for Your English Language Training

Apr 20, 2018
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Ireland has a great reputation as a welcoming and fun country, and its capital city is a wonderful place to be a student. Dublin is a busy European city, with a lot of exciting opportunities for tourism and taking part in fun, interesting activities.

It’s also an environment where you can practice speaking English regularly on the busy streets, in shops, pubs, and restaurants. Hearing and interacting with fluent speakers will improve your listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills.

St Patrick’s Day represents the best of being Irish across the world for just one day of the year, so why not take the opportunity to live in a city where you can enjoy that excitement every day? Here are five reasons why you should.

Dublin is One of the World’s Great Student Cities

Dublin is a popular place for tens of thousands of Irish people to do their studies every year. Colleges also welcome thousands of international students every semester, so you will have plenty of chances to meet people from all over the world during your English language training.

Students bring energy to the city, and there is exciting nightlife with pubs and clubs of all types and sizes, especially in the famous Temple Bar area. There is always something interesting happening in the city on any night of the week, whether it’s good music, poetry, or a fun sports activity.

Enjoy Ireland’s Food & Drink During Your English Language Training

Dublin is an international city, which includes restaurants with food from across the world. Irish food is also very tasty, whether it’s a delicious Irish breakfast, a warm beef or lamb stew, or an amazing bag of Tayto crisps.

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Irish food and drink is delicious

Dublin is also the home of Guinness, and it is widely believed that the best pints are served in the city. Smithwicks ale, Bulmers cider, and Jameson whiskey are also famous Irish drinks, so there will be plenty of options for you to choose from.

Try Out New Fun Activities After Your English Language Lessons

There’s a fantastic music culture in Dublin, which is the home city of bands such as U2, Thin Lizzy, and The Dubliners. If you already play an instrument, or are interested in learning a new one, this is a great place to learn and show off your talents.

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Ireland is an excellent place to play and listen to music

Ireland’s two national sports are also very unique. Gaelic football and hurling are exciting games to play and watch. Big matches in both sports are played regularly at Croke Park in Dublin, where 82,000 people go to the games.

Dublin is a Great Place to be a Tourist

There will be no shortage of wonderful day and weekend trips you can take during your English courses in Dublin. The city has an amazing history, and schools like CES regularly organize excursions for students to famous attractions like the Guinness Storehouse, The James Joyce Centre, and Dublin Castle.

You might also get the chance to visit beautiful places all across Ireland. For instance, the natural beauty of the west of Ireland is a short trip away, and you could also enjoy The Titanic exhibition and Game of Thrones tours in nearby counties.

With great culture, nightlife, and plenty of interesting places to see during your time off, Dublin should be top your list if you want to learn English in a really great city.

Are you excited to find out more about taking English language lessons in Dublin?

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