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Why take the CELTA at CES Dublin?

Jul 23, 2018

CES Dublin is one of the oldest language school in Ireland with a long history of Teacher Training and Teacher Development. We have a large staff of Cambridge Delta Qualified Teachers and Teacher Trainers who are actively involved in the ELT Community in Ireland and the UK. In the CES family, our centres in Edinburgh and Leeds train CELTA and we all benefit from sharing resources and ideas with each other.

The CELTA is ‘THE’ International Teaching Certificate for entry into ELT profession. It covers a wide range of topic areas and teaching competencies.

This table from http://www.cambridgeenglish.org/teaching-english/teaching-qualifications/celta/about-the-celta-course/ gives a good overview:

Course topics

You will cover five main topics as part of your CELTA course:

Topic What’s in the topic
Learners and teachers, and the
teaching and learning context
This topic includes:


  • understanding the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of learners, and how this might affect their learning of English
  • understanding different learning preferences.
Language analysis and awareness This topic includes:


  • understanding key terminology used in English language teaching, applying this terminology in planning and teaching
  • demonstrating a working knowledge of English grammar, lexis and phonology.
Language skills: reading,
listening, speaking and writing
This topic includes:


  • understanding basic concepts and terminology used for describing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills, applying this to teaching
  • understanding how approaches to texts may vary depending on the purpose, making practical use of this in teaching.
Planning and resources
for different teaching contexts
This topic includes:


  • understanding the purpose and principles of planning for effective teaching
  • selecting and planning the kinds of lessons that are most appropriate for particular learners
  • evaluating lesson preparation and reflecting on this for planning future lessons.
Developing teaching skills
and professionalism
This topic includes:


  • effectively organising the classroom, both in terms of layout and pair/group activities
  • making appropriate use of a range of materials and resources
  • involving learners of different ability levels, enabling them to feel a sense of progress.



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