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Mid Course Reflections!

Sep 06, 2018

The first CELTA course in CES kicked off in our new Training Room on the 3rd floor of centre in Dame Court Dublin 2.

Who is running the course?

Our training team, Niamh, Stuart and Samantha, having gone through the Cambridge training process, supported by our excellent external trainer Catherine, are currently halfway through the course.

How many trainees?

There are 8 trainee teachers involved, all of whom are going through the daily process of input sessions, assessed lessons, and unassessed lessons in order to keep up with the course requirements and gain their certification at the end. The smaller group allows them to gain the most out of the experience and learn from each other. The course is quite intensive so having a good group around you can really help to lighten your load.

What next?

Week 3 is another opportunity for the trainees to have their teaching observed and get feedback from their peers and the trainers. There are also a number of input sessions, such as a further look at vocabulary and at pronunciation, which will be of great interest and use to the teachers going forward.

For now, the teaching practice sessions continue! Good luck!

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