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Start Your New Year the Right Way by Taking English Courses Abroad

Jan 22, 2019
Jan 18 private English lessons

January is a time when many people commit to the resolutions that they’ve been putting off all year, taking on new challenges and pursuing exciting opportunities, such as travelling or learning new skills.

If you’re looking to advance professionally, thinking of attending an English-language postsecondary school abroad or hoping to improve your English so that you can more easily communicate while travelling, then taking English language courses abroad can be the perfect way to start your new year! Combining the joys of travel with the satisfaction of learning a new skill and improving yourself! You can get out of your comfort zone, explore an unfamiliar city and country and meet new people and by improving your English, you can also open the way to new opportunities and adventures in the future.

Here’s why taking English courses abroad could be the perfect start to your new year.

Experience a World-Class City While Improving Your English

Taking English courses in a beautiful, world-class city like London, Oxford, Dublin or Toronto means that you get to sharpen your English-language skills alongside other students from all over the world while experiencing a new culture and expanding your horizons through travel. These cities all have a lot to offer visitors, including endless opportunities for shopping, sightseeing and dining, so students will have lots of opportunities to practise their English between classes while having fun and learning about their host country’s culture and history.

Immersive English Courses Are the Best Way to Learn

There’s also no better way to improve your language skills than to immerse yourself completely in an English-language environment. By taking immersive English language lessons in a predominantly English-speaking city, you can improve your English much faster than you otherwise would. Intensive courses shorten the gap between classes, helping you retain information. Full immersion also gives you the opportunity to hear the language as it’s spoken by native speakers every day, immediately putting your lessons to use in the real world.

English language lessons

Studying English in a city like London is an opportunity to travel and immerse yourself in the language

English Language Lessons Can Help You When Travelling

One of the biggest benefits of taking English courses abroad is that it can open up many exciting new opportunities. As the third most commonly spoken language in the world (after Spanish and Mandarin), a strong command of English can be incredibly useful when travelling, whether you want to go to Canada, America, England, Ireland or any of the other countries where English is either an official language or is commonly spoken as a second language. By speaking fluent English, you can get a much fuller and more authentic experience of the countries you travel to and access places that you might otherwise miss out on.

Improved English Can Be a Valuable Professional Asset

English is also commonly known as the language of international business, and a high level of English can open up a lot of professional opportunities, whether you want to work in international hospitality or as an executive doing business with companies across the world. Taking English courses abroad can also be a great addition to your CV or resume, showing that you have independence, resilience and good communication skills, as well as a global outlook and first-hand experience with other cultures.

English courses

Improving your English is a great way to unlock new professional opportunities

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