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Check Out What Students Are Saying About CES’ CELTA Course

Oct 21, 2019

If you’re looking to start or accelerate your career in the EFL sector, then you should strongly consider getting your CELTA certification. The CELTA certificate prepares you to teach English to non-native speakers not just in the UK and Ireland, but in countries all around the world. As one of the world’s most respected EFL teaching certifications, CELTA is a powerful tool to help you go further in your career.

At the Centre of English Studies, we’re proud to offer CELTA certification courses at our Dublin, Edinburgh, and Leeds campuses. Check out what some of our recent CELTA students have to say about the programme!



“My name is Leticia and I’m Brazilian. I took the Celta Course in CES – Dublin and it was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had!

“The tutors are amazing and they have such a wonderful way of teaching and giving us feedback. They make us think about our teaching practice and what we are doing “right” and/or “wrong”.

“I have been an English teacher for more than 10 years and during the CELTA I could realize the things that I was doing “wrong”.  When you are a teacher for such a long time, some attitudes we take towards teaching are on “automatic mode” and when you take the CELTA course you see, some of these actions need to be changed.


“Lesson planning has also helped to change my way of teaching. I always had in mind how my lessons would be, but calculating the time was always a problem, now I feel much more comfortable and I am able to predict it more accurately.

“As soon as I finished the course I was given many job opportunities and I keep getting them. When people look at your CV and see you have the CELTA course in it, they show a kind of respect, because they know how challenging and renowned the course is.

“Every day I feel happier and happier for taking the CELTA course. It was a great lifetime experience.”


“I found the CELTA course both a strenuous and rewarding experience, serving as the perfect launch pad into the world of ESL. As a graduate from business & languages seeking to further pursue the languages aspect of my qualification it was the ideal course to set me off in the right direction.


“The CELTA has provided me with the ideal starting point, a framework which I have been able to build on and evolve into what works best for me as a teacher. From comprehensive lesson planning methods, an introduction to language analysis and the focus on moving away from traditional ‘lecture-style’ teaching methods I have really found that the course has been the perfect stepping stone for further development into the industry. Also throughout the course you have the invaluable experience to put all that you’ve been learning to practice with 6 hours of real teaching practice, the opportunity to see experienced teachers in action and in-depth reflective sessions with your peer and mentors post your teaching practices. The supportive and encouraging environment between peers and mentors that the CELTA embodies really is second to none.

“Upon completion of the course I was able to put it straight to use and went over to Italy to teach. The opportunities that the CELTA opens up really are endless, especially if you’re hoping to work and travel.”


“I’ve been teaching English at a university in France for the past two years. In between the first and second year I decided to go back to Dublin and complete the CELTA. The difference between my pre-CELTA and post-CELTA teaching is incredible. I am a much more confident and dynamic teacher now. My lessons are more coherent and learner-focused. I have incorporated many ideas from the course into my own teaching, such as the use of authentic materials and technology in the classroom. I still make regular use of the resources provided during the course.


“The CELTA has also given me many opportunities for private individual and group tutoring. I have branched out and begun to teach varying levels, including beginner and advanced. The course has also allowed me to network with other language teachers and institutions both in Ireland and abroad. Overall, I would recommend the CELTA to any aspiring English teacher. The opportunities for professional and personal development are endless.”

Are you interested in getting your CELTA certificate?

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