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CELTA: After a Successful 2019, Here’s What to Expect in 2020

Dec 05, 2019
CELTA 2019 1

Where has the year gone? Suddenly it is December and another year will soon be upon us.  We are happy to say that we delivered eight CELTA teacher training courses this year and all went really well.

We had our first part-time blended learning CELTA course and it went better than anticipated. The candidates were happy with all the support they received and that they had their Teaching Practice on a Saturday rather than during the week.  This gave them a flexibility that was really appreciated.

In the part-time course this year we had a two week break in the middle of it but we have now decided to change this to a one week break for 2020.  This means that things are all fresh when the candidates change levels for the Teaching Practice and they also get to finish the course a week earlier.

New CELTA Course Dates for 2020

Due to the popularity of the part-time course CES has decided to run four of these courses in 2020.  These dates are:

18th January – 28th March

18th April – 27th June

11th July – 19th September

3rd Oct – 12th December

For the full-time CELTA course we were able to have a large number of students coming along to participate in the Teaching Practices for the candidates. In our final course of the year, we had an average of just under ten learners for class! This was really appreciated by the candidates as they got to teach to a large number of students from around the world.

We plan on having eight courses with the first one only five weeks away. The dates for the full-time courses for 2020 are:

            13th January – 7th February

            9th March – 3rd April

            20th April – 15th May

            18th May – 12th June

            15th June – 10th July

            27th July – 21st August

            21st September – 16th October

            2nd November – 27th November

Our first full-time and part-time courses currently have waiting lists so we are sure it will be a popular 2020. With 12 courses throughout the year it will definitely be a busy one but one the CES team is really looking forward to.

CELTA Training Prepares Teachers for Exciting Adventures

We would finally like to thank the many candidates who chose to do the CELTA course with CES Dublin.  We would love to hear from you and know where you are teaching around the world.

For example, here’s what Alan says about his experience in our CELTA course:

“Having worked in financial services for years I decided to take a career break earlier this year to work in the education sector. A friend of mine working for CES suggested that I do their CELTA course.

celta post 1

“I successfully applied and began on a Monday morning in April. The workload was intense for a 4 week course but the instructors were friendly and always willing to help and the atmosphere in class was positive.

“A few weeks after completing the course I began working in CES' teenage summer school in Raheny with some of my CELTA classmates. It was fun and a nice introduction to the world of English teaching. After the Raheny school closed I found work with a different school in the city centre, where I now teach teenagers and adults.

“If I think about what I learned from CELTA my view is that, essentially, it teaches you the importance of establishing concrete context for students learning new features of English. Beyond that it also gives you supervised practice teaching real life students and forces you to explore different ways of presenting new material. Overall, I found it a worthwhile experience.”

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