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A Successful Start for Our Part-time CELTA Course

Dec 17, 2019
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We have just finished our first part time / blended learning CELTA course and we are happy to say that all went really well. 

All of the input work is done through a Cambridge Moodle platform.  We thought that managing a platform like this could be tricky but it’s really user friendly.  Our Main Course Tutor is able to monitor how well everyone is doing and gives as much advice as she can on assignments, lessons, as well as commenting on the online CELTA forum that all of our candidates use.  She’s also on hand if anyone has any question or query about anything.

A Flexible Schedule with Great Teaching Practice

The main advantage of this course is that the candidates can continue more or less with their regular Monday to Friday routine.  The only time they have to come in is on a Saturday when they do their Teaching Practice. In fact, our last group, who finished on 23rd November, said that they will miss teaching every Saturday!

It’s so important that the CELTA candidates have a suitable number of students to teach (during their TPs) and we are happy to say that we have been able to get plenty of students to come to our building every Saturday to attend these classes (an average of 12 students per class).  The Teaching Practices that the candidates are doing every week appear to be very informative and interactive for these students who come to improve their English.  

Check Out What Our CELTA Candidates Say

“Distance learning can feel a bit lonely but our course is designed so you have lots of interaction with the tutors and your fellow trainees.” (Niamh – CELTA Online Tutor)

“The part-time CELTA was very intense and required a lot of dedication, but it was worth every effort! Besides that, I was never working alone, I had great tutors and peers helping me to develop my strengths and to work on my weaknesses, and I could clearly see a huge progress after every week of the course. 

Thank you all for this amazing experience!!” (Simone – CELTA graduate Sept-Nov 2019)

"I had no teaching experience before I did the CELTA course at CES so was quite nervous going in. The trainers there create a safe space where you can find your feet and develop your skills. They were at hand every step of the way and gave me lots of encouragement. I would heartily recommend this course." (Owen – CELTA graduate Sept-Nov 2019)

More CELTA Course Options in the New Year

Due to the popularity amongst candidates who want to do the part-time CELTA course we have decided to have four part time courses next year – three more than this year!  The dates are:

18th January – 28th March

18th April – 27th June

11th July – 19th September

3rd October – 12th December

We are already full for the January course but have a waiting list in operation.

If you are interested in more information about the online part-time CELTA course, please send us an email to [email protected]

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