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Using Visual Learning Alongside Your Intensive English Lessons

Feb 12, 2020
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Are you the kind of person who learns better with pictures? This just might help you learn English!

Although some students can learn English by listening or reading, others learn best by seeing, and there are many ways you can use visual tools to learn a new language.

With visual learning, students can learn new things using images they see, and are able to keep that information in their memory more easily.

Here’s how you can use visual learning to help you study English.

Flashcards Can Help You Remember English Words

You may remember using flashcards or index cards before exams when you were at school. These are easy tools to use when studying,and are one of the best ways you can memorise English words and what they mean. You can write words on one side of the card and their meaning on the other, and then test yourself.

Flashcards are both cheap and easy to use and carry around, and can be used anywhere. You can use them to practice certain words in English that you already know, or to better understand new words. It can also help you improve your ability to read in English. There are also online flashcards and flashcard apps you can use, which sometimes include pictures as well as words.

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Flashcards, or index cards, can help you remember certain words

Copy Texts to Improve Writing and Vocabulary

Copying texts can be an easy way of improving your English in your spare time between intensive English lessons. When you read books, articles or blogs, try writing the words and sentences you see by hand, in order to keep them in your memory. Writing words slowly by hand can help you to memorise and learn to spell them, as well as improve your vocabulary.

This method can also teach you how to write in different ways. For example, blog posts can have amore casual tone, while books are more formal. Another way to do this is by using Street View on Google Maps in English-speaking cities, and writing down words you see on street signs or in front of stores.

intensive english lessons

Copying down words from books can help you remember them more easily

YouTube Can Help You During Intensive English Courses

It seems like YouTube can be a great tool to learn almost anything these days, and learning a new language is certainly one of those things. Through YouTube, intensive English program students can find short, slow videos that explain certain words in English that new learners can easily understand.

You can find YouTube videos that are made for people with many different levels of English, too, so you can watch new videos as you get a better understanding of the language.

When you are not using YouTube, another great online tool you can use is Instagram, where you can view posts or stories with images and English words that describe them.

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