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How to Improve Your Reading Skills While in English Language School

Feb 21, 2020
Feb 21 English language courses

When learning a new language, everyone recommends reading as many books as possible – but few tell you how you should be reading. The reading techniques you use are almost as important as reading itself! After all, there’s no point in reading if you’re not retaining any information.

Although the act of reading might seem simple, there are a few resources and techniques you can use to accelerate your language learning through reading.

Want to make the most out of your English studies? Read on to discover the reading methods you can use to become fluent faster!

Choosing the Right Reading Materials During English Language School

If you want to make your reading time as productive as possible, choose books that are at your grade level. If you are reading books that are too difficult, you will not fully understand what is going on in the story, and you will be checking your dictionary every few sentences.

On the other hand, reading books that are too easy will not give you the challenge you need. If you struggle finding the right books, you may want to use graded readers, which are organised by reading level.

It’s also important to read about topics you are interested in. After all, English language training doesn’t have to be boring! You may also want to find reading materials that help with your language goals. If you are planning to take the IELTS exam, for example, take a look at IELTS sample papers. If your goal is to learn business English, try reading business-related books.

Make the Most of Your Reading Time

Once you have the right reading materials, you will want to find the perfect place to read. Yes, you can read practically everywhere, but if you want to pay close attention to the material, try to find somewhere you will not be distracted.Decide how long you want to read and put your devices on silent mode.

Feb 21 English language training

Finding the right environment will help you to get more from your reading time

Reading in the right environment will help you to engage more with the material and mean that you are more likely to remember any new words or phrases that you encounter.

Adopt Effective Reading Techniques

Different methods of reading will generate different results. Some people recommend ‘extensive reading,’ which means that you don’t stop to look up any new words you find as you read.The alternative is ‘intensive reading,’  which involves pausing every time you encounter new words, phrases, or grammar to study them.

Which method is best for those in English language school? Many experts would recommend you combine both. It’s important to focus on what you don’t understand when you are reading, but if you spend too much time on it, then you won’t read as much.

Next time you pick up a book, try reading through a chapter without stopping and highlight the words and phrases you don’t understand. Once you finish the chapter, go back to the highlighted parts, and find out what they mean.

Feb 21 English language school

Improving speed and comprehension are two important reading goals for English learners

Make Use of Additional Resources for English Language Training

There are plenty of resources available to help ESL students with reading. If you are just starting your language learning journey, you may want to find a book that has been mad einto a movie and watch it first. That way, you will have a basic understanding of the plot before you begin reading.

You may also want to explore audio books – especially those that provide the written text as well. This allows you to learn new words as well as their pronunciation.

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