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Interested in the CELTA English Program in Dublin? Find out What Students Have to Say about the Program

Mar 20, 2020

Do you want to become a teacher? The University of Cambridge CELTA course could be for you! It’s one of the most recognised teacher training qualifications in the UK and Ireland, and is also recognised worldwide.

Whether you’re a seasoned professor, or completely new to teaching, this course is appropriate for students of all levels. As part of the course, you will learn different methods and techniques to teach English to non-native speakers. The program is available in Dublin, Edinburgh, and Leeds. Find out what it’s like to study in Dublin!

Be Classroom Ready with CELTA

“The CELTA course in Dublin was an amazing experience. I already expected the course to be intensive and rewarding, it exceeded my expectations. Even though I was overwhelmed by work, I learned beneficial strategies for my future class preparation, and that was exactly what I needed.

“The CELTA course provided me effective teaching methods, which proved to be relevant for the specific aim I have to achieve in my classes, such as vocabulary, grammar, listening or writing. It helped me to be less teacher-centred and more student-centred, which means giving students the opportunity to talk, and practise, and find on their own the rules they are going to study during the lesson when learning English.

“After the course, I immediately restarted to work as an English teacher, spreading my enthusiasm with the new methods I could definitely apply to and, as far as I could see, they worked very well, especially when students had to cooperate asking questions to each other and predicting the topic or, for example, when I used the pictures to teach them some vocabulary. They seemed to appreciate it and they were completely engaged in the interactive activities.”
celta girl

CELTA Combines Practice and Theory in Training

“CELTA was a life changing experience for me since it made me relocate to Dublin and continue my career as an English teacher in Ireland. Having had some teaching experience, from the beginning I felt comfortable being in a classroom with students, but CELTA helped me realise some action points for my future as an EFL teacher.

“CELTA has definitely broadened my academic horizons in so many different ways, it was a great opportunity to develop my teaching skills and practise student centred methods. It was a beneficial experience since it combines high standards both in teaching practice and in the methodology behind all lesson plans and assignments.

“Observing experienced teachers and my peers was undoubtedly one of the most valuable experiences I gained throughout the CELTA course. During the observations of experienced teachers I focused on their teaching techniques and how they incorporate the teaching methods in a real classroom.

“Upon acquiring my CELTA certificate I was offered a job opportunity at CES and since January I’ve officially been a member of the CES team in Dublin. I have been working with a multicultural background and a varied range of academic levels, which makes teaching at CES all the more interesting.In February I attended the ELT Ireland Annual Conference 2020 and I’m looking forward to continuing my professional development in the future by doing the CELTA course at CES.”
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A Useful Course that Comes Highly Recommended

“Hi, my name is Naima and I am from Spain. I did the CELTA course last year and it was one of the best experiences here in Dublin. One of my dreams was to become an English teacher, and after doing this English program in CES I am about to reach it. It was a very intense course and very useful, we were learning something new at every moment. And even though I am not a native English speaker, they were always willing to help me. They have a wide variety of resources to help students out.

I could not be happier after the course, I felt a big improvement of my English knowledge and also my teaching skills.

“I highly recommend this course for those who want to become an amazing English teacher.”

Do you want to continue English training in Dublin?

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