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3 Reasons Making Mistakes Can Help You While at English Language School

Apr 17, 2020
English language school

You should never be afraid to make mistakes when you learn English. In fact, they can help you while you’re learning! As much as you may want to be perfect, learning a new language is not easy, and you are bound to get a few things wrong along the way. Finding the right tools to improve during your English lessons can help you, until you start to make mistakes less and less.

While mistakes aren’t a good thing, learning from them is one of the best ways you can improve. Here are three reasons why making mistakes can help you while you’re learning English.

Accepting Mistakes Will Help You Be More Comfortable With Making Them

When it comes to mistakes, having the right attitude is important. You need to accept that you will make them, and see them as an opportunity to learn, instead of becoming discouraged. If you don’t grow up speaking or understanding English, you cannot expect to have a perfect knowledge of the language.

For instance, one way that many English students improve their pronunciation is by using online tools like Speechling, which allows you to listen to how a word is pronounced, then record yourself saying it. Instructors then give you feedback on your speech. The first time you use it, you will probably find that you get a lot of words wrong, and you might feel embarrassed, but you don’t need to!

If you are too afraid to make mistakes, you are not going to truly learn. What’s important is that you know what you want to say, and try to express it in the best way you can, even if the words aren’t all correct.
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 Even if words aren’t all correct, it’s important you know what you want to say

If You Are Comfortable Making Mistakes, You Will Practise More

Knowing that you will probably make mistakes when trying to write, listen, and speak in English language school will make you less afraid of practising, and mean that you try more often. For example, you could work on your listening skills using apps like Listen English Daily Practice,  which plays audio of articles and short stories and then gives you questions to answer about them.

Apps like these are designed to be used every day, and that means you will need to try, try, and try again, even if you are disappointed with your results from time to time. But the more you practice, the fewer mistakes you will make. What matters is that you are putting in the necessary time and effort to improve.

Making Mistakes in English Language School Will Help You Learn How to Fix Them

As you go further in your English lessons, you will find that there will always be ways you can improve. But how you do that if you never find out what you are doing wrong, and what you need to work on to improve?

Making mistakes can sometimes help you discover words, grammar rules, or expressions you did not know about before. If you are not afraid to make them, ask questions, and understand what you did wrong and why, you will find that you learn more and more every day about English.

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