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Interested in English Language Lessons? Try These at-Home Practice Tips!

May 15, 2020
English language lessons

If you want to know how to speak better English without leaving your house, you’ve come to the right place. Classes and training are important ways to understand English better, but they don’t have to be the only way you practice the language. Instead, there are many tools you can use to improve your English skills while you are at home!

While your classes are important, you will need to find ways to practice English in your own time if you want to learn it as fast as possible. Here are some ways you can improve your English at home.

Reading Books and Watching TV Can Help With Understanding English

It may seem simple, but some of the best tools for learning English are already on your bookshelf. Reading a book in English can help you improve your vocabulary, understand how words are spelled, how people talk to each other in English, and common phrases.

Try reading a novel that people of all ages can read, instead of something with lots of complicated words. Watching a television show or film that uses fairly simple English can also help with this, and with listening to the language. If possible, get a Blu-Ray or DVD of the TV show or film, so that you can watch it more than once.

intensive English course

 An English novel can help you improve your reading skills

Try Using Online Sources to Improve During Your English Training

If you want to find quick and easy ways to practice between your English language lessons, the Internet is your best friend. Use websites such as Duolingo that help you practice and build up your skills, watch videos on YouTube, and read English news. There are also online classes you can take.

For example, the Centre of English Studies is offering virtual classes for students online, so that you can improve your English skills without needing to attend class in person. Using Zoom, you can learn English in real time with the help of experienced teachers who can teach you and a group of other students as if you are in a real classroom.

English training

CES offers virtual English lessons on Zoom for you to take at home

You Can Also Try Practicing With Someone Who Speaks English

Another way to improve during your English training is to practice with someone who speaks English.

If you are not ready to try and meet new people who are native English speakers, try and practice with people you know first, so that you can become more and more confident.

You can practice in person with someone you live with, or use tools like FaceTime or Zoom to practice with someone you know living anywhere in the world. Your practice buddy could teach you many words and phrases you didn’t already know!

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