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How Students Taking English Lessons Can Use Online Resources to Improve Their Reading

Jul 24, 2020
July 17 English lessons

Student, teacher, or professional; all of us spend more time on the internet than we might realise. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to scroll social media, read an article online, or research a certain topic or product. When we are online we are almost always reading. 

English is sometimes referred to as ‘the language of the internet’, with more than 800 million English-speaking users according to a 2013 study. As well as this, it’s estimated that 55.5% of all web content is in English. This shows that the internet is a good place for English language learners to practice reading. 

Read on to find out how students can make the most of online resources to improve their English reading skills. 

Read What Interests You Outside of English Lessons 

When you study English as part of intensive English lessons online, you will be given reading material to study inside class and in your own time. These will be carefully chosen by highly trained teachers to improve your reading skills and expand your vocabulary. 

If you want to improve your reading skills outside of English classes, this is your chance to choose the material that really interests you. If you are interested in beauty, fitness, or travel, you could find a blog or magazine about those topics. The best way to learn is by doing something that you enjoy.

Read a blog about a subject that interests you
Read a blog about a subject that interests you

Find Resources That Match Your English Language Level 

Try to make sure that you are reading material that matches your English language level. For example, if you are a beginner, try to find websites that are aimed at English language learners. These will include simpler language that you will be able to read easily. 

However, if your English level is more advanced, you may be able to read magazines or blogs that are aimed at native speakers. 

Read Aloud 

One way to improve your English language skills while reading online is to read aloud. This will help you to also improve your English speaking and pronunciation for English lessons.  Make sure to sound out words or phrases that seem unfamiliar. This will help you to remember them. 

Reading aloud can also help you to get a better understanding of English sentence structure and syntax when speaking. It could help you to hear what sounds right and what doesn’t. 

July 17 intensive English lessonsReading aloud can help to improve your English language skills 

Take Note of New Vocabulary 

Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary. As you read online, you may come across words and phrases that you haven’t heard before. Keep a notebook and pen and make sure to note down any new words and their translation.  

But Don’t Use a Dictionary Straight Away 

It might be tempting to look up new words or phrases that you don’t know as soon as you read them. However, if you spend some time trying to guess what they mean using the context of what you are reading, you might be more likely to remember the actual meaning.  

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