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Why Virtual One-To-One English Language Lessons Are just as Good as In-Person Classes

Nov 13, 2020
Virtual One-To-One English Language Lessons

If you’re thinking about taking English language lessons, whether it’s to improve your English skills in order to succeed in your career, or just to feel more confident and comfortable with your English abilities, it’s important to consider the options available to you. If you aren’t sure where to start, first think about the kind of lessons you’d want to take, whether they’re one-to-one or in a classroom setting. 

In the increasingly virtual world we live in today because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also important to consider online language-learning options. One-to-one language lessons are a great way to learn a language, especially in a virtual setting. In fact, virtual, one-to-one language lessons, like those offered by the Centre of English Studies, can be just as effective as taking in-person language lessons. Read on to find out why. 

One-to-One English Lessons Are a Great Way to Learn a Language

If you’re the type of person who has a hard time learning in a traditional classroom setting, one-to-one English lessons could be the best way for you to learn the language. A one-to-one lesson means that it’s just you and your instructor working together to improve your English. In a lesson like this, you’re free from distractions of any other classmates, which means that there’s also less pressure on you to learn at the same pace as other students, and there are more opportunities for you to ask questions, practise your English, and receive feedback. 

Additionally, during one to one English lessons, you are the only focus of the instructor’s attention. The one-on-one environment gives your instructor the opportunity to know you better as a language learner. This will help your instructor to understand what strategies help you best. Your instructor can also focus on areas where you might be less confident. If you need more help reading English aloud, or you’re having trouble with a specific set of vocabulary, in a one-on-one lesson, you and your instructor will be able to go over these materials at a pace that works best for you. 

English language lessons Online

Online lessons can be just as effective as learning English in person

Online One-to-One Lessons Are Just as Helpful as In-Class Lessons

So maybe you’ve decided that a one-to-one environment is the best way for you to take English language lessons, but you’re concerned that these lessons won’t be as valuable online. While virtual learning might be different, it’s a great resource for one-to-one lessons. Virtual learning offers a lot more flexibility. You don’t need to travel to get to an in-person classroom, giving you more time to fit English lessons into your busy schedule. Through online platforms, you and your instructor will be able to communicate just as well as if you were together in person. 

If you’re considering taking English lessons, a virtual one-to-one English lesson can be just as valuable as a lesson that’s in person. The Centre of English Studies offers virtual one-to-one English lessons. For availability, please contact [email protected].

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