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Hello from CES.

We hope that this mail finds you, your work colleagues, your family and friends well and safe.

As you can appreciate we are in tough times and it is important that we all work together to ensure
our students, staff, hosts, etc are all getting the best advice and guidance.

Please be assured that our administration team is working remotely to assist you at all times, during the closure. 

CES has online classes available for all students during this disruption as well as tutorials which can be accessed through CES Online.

Please contact Dermot if any queries cesonline@ces-schools.com

Following on from the recent official government announcements in
IrelandThe U.KCanada we want to confirm that the dates for school re-openings have been extended.

In CES Dublin we are due to get definitive news on when we can re-open on 10/08/20 at 18.30hrs.

The Irish government laid out a staggered plan on 01/05/20 outlining their step by step plan from May 18th - June 29 - July 20th and finally August 10th where they are hoping for a gradual return to business for certain businesses and events.
They did state however, that schools and colleges may not return until September, as soon as we have additional information we will let you know.  

Please notethat on 13th May the irish Minister of Justice issued a new statement on the immigration and visa status for all students currently in Ireland. The document states that any student whose visa was due to expire bewteen 20 May - 20 July will be automatically extended for 2 months - For exact details please see more - HERE
In CES U.K we are remaining closed until further clarification from the UK Government.

English U.K have a very complete information page HERE

In CES Toronto we are due to re-open on 01/06/20 at 08.30hrs.

As ever the Principals of our centres will be working remotely and will do their very best to answer as many of your mails and queries as possible.

All of the above re-opening dates may be subject to change depending on what the respective governments decide.

We will inform you if there is any change to the above dates via mail and social media.