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English for Academic Purposes (EAP) - 30 lessons/week

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The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program at CES Toronto has been created to help you succeed in higher education by professionalizing your written and spoken expression and building communication skills for college and university life and coursework.

First, focus on grammar and speaking in the morning, to develop general communication accuracy and fluency. After lunch, concentrate on knowledge and skills needed for post0secondary or graduate studies in the English language.


Reading: Understand and discuss formal articles and papers Writing: build paragraphs and essays using correct academic grammar, organization referencing and citation

Speaking: Take part in seminar-style discussions, academic presentations

Listening: Watch video recordings of college and university lectures

Vocabulary: Learn special academic and technical language

ENTRANCE LEVEL: No minimum level. Academic-focused electives start once students reach level 5.

Sample Academic Skills Covered
  • Dealing with data for report writing
  • Essay organization and support
  • Studies skills and resources for survival in university
  • Listening to lectures and note-taking
Start Dates : 2018-10-01, 2018-10-09, 2018-10-15, 2018-10-22, 2018-10-29, 2018-11-05, 2018-11-13, 2018-11-19, 2018-11-26, 2018-12-03, 2018-12-10, 2018-12-17, 2018-12-24, 2018-12-31.
 2019 Start Dates :2019-01-14,2019-02-11,2019-03-11,2019-04-11,2019-05-06,2019-06-03,2019-07-02,2019-07-29, 2019-08-26, 2019-09-23 , 2019-10-21, 2019-11-18, 2019-12-16.
* The school recommends starting the first day of class but offers flexibility to start other dates.

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Course Timetable

Integrated Skills 8:45 – 10:25
Break 10:25 – 10:40
Academic Reading & Writing 10:40 – 12:20
Research Skills Development
Academic Competence Skills 13:05 – 14:10
Break 14:10 - 14:25
Productive Skills Development 14:25 - 13:05
Additional Learning Outcomes
Note Taking Research Writing Skills
Seminar Participation Critical Thinking
Classroom Workshops Formal Presentations
Learning Strategies Project Based Assignments

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