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Toronto - English for Business Pathways

Location Available :
Toronto - English for Business Pathways - New Adventures, New You

CES English Centres have selected high quality colleges and universities which specialize in high quality instruction. This program is for students who want to improve their English, gain a business qualification and get a business administration job in Canada. Successful students are eligible to apply for post-graduation work permit.

Minimum age : 16
Students max per class : 16 (12 avg)
Number of lessons per week : 20 lessons of 50 min.
School days : Monday to Friday
Levels : Advanced to High advanced
Start Dates : 2019-11-04, 2019-11-12, 2019-11-18, 2019-11-25, 2019-12-02, 2019-12-09, 2019-12-16, 2019-12-23, 2019-12-30

Please click here for 2019 CES Toronto BEP Whitepaper.

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