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Cambridge FCE Fast Track Preparation Course

Location Available :
CES is delighted to introduce our FCE Cambridge Examination Fast Track Course that will take place during the month of July (2 – 27). This course will be available for Adult and Junior students. The lessons will focus purely on getting the highest result possible in the FCE with 100% focus on preparing for FCE certificate exam that will take place at the end of the last week of the course. Every student will be appointed a tutor who continually assesses their progress with CES. Students will have additional exam practice tutorials in the final two weeks of this programme as well as simulated exam practice.

Please note that students must have minimum of Upper Intermediate level to be accepted on this course. All applicants must be pre-tested and reach the required minimum level to be accepted on the course

Important Information

Top Exam Results

Cambridge Practice Exams +
Guidance, mentoring by tutor

Course dates:
2nd July - 27th July 2018

Course length: 4 weeks

For students aged:
16+ years (Adult school)
14 + years (Junior programme)

2 (Upper Intermediate to

Course Timetable

School Lessons Time Day
 Adult 20 9.00 - 13.00 Monday - Friday

Acceptance on to these courses is dependent on students having a minimum English language level of Upper Intermediate, all candidates must take the CES Placement test before they can be accepted on to the programme.

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