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Full Time IELTS Preparation            Dublin & Toronto

Join hundreds of students who have achieved their target IELTS score with the CES IELTS Preparation Program. This program builds English grammar and vocabulary in the key tasks and topic areas that come up on the IELTS Test. 

This course focuses on improving students’ English, as well as on developing their exam techniques and integrates all four parts of the IELTS Test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The intensive test practice component builds your familiarity with the format of the test and provides you with the opportunity to practise a range of test-taking strategies within given time limits. At the end of each week, students will sit one part of an IELTS exam, under exam conditions. 
The IELTS classes are topic-based and follow course book content as well as learner training and exam techniques. 
You will receive expert tuition and ongoing feedback from your teachers in order for you to make rapid and lasting progress. With access to the CES Online Learning Platform, you will be able to plan your studies to make the most of your stay.


Start Dates: Every Monday
Minimum Level: Upper Intermediate (B1)
Lessons per Week IRL: 20 lessons per week
CAN: 25 lessons per week
Lessons Duration: IRL: 1 lesson - 55 minutes
CAN: 1 lesson - 50 minutes
Class Size: Average 12, Maximum 14
Minimum Age:  16+
 Available in:  Dublin and Toronto


 School  Lessons Time Day 
Dublin  20 9.00 - 13.00  Monday - Friday
Canada  25 9:00 -14:25 (M - Th); 9:00 -12:35 Fridays  Monday to Friday

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