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General English with Work Experience

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The Standard General English and Work Experience Programme is the ideal way for students to further improve their English language level, while developing their professional skills.

Through hands-on experience, students will gain a greater understanding of the international business environment. This programme is perfect for university students, graduates and young professionals aged 18+ years, who have a minimum English level of Intermediate.

Students must take a minimum 4 week English language course with CES before starting their work placement. Work placements are available for a period of at least 4 weeks and maximum 6 months. Please note that students must provide a CV/Resume before work placement is confirmed.

The minimum age is 16 and there is a maximum of 14 students per class.
1 lesson in the UK = 45 minutes
1 lesson in Ireland = 55 minutes

Duration Basis Options
Up to 5 weeks Unpaid Cannot specify sector or type of work. May be in a charity organisation/shop or office. May be in the hospitality sector.
6-12 weeks Unpaid May request sector or type of work but this cannot be guaranteed. May be in a charity organisation/shop or office. Likely to be general administrative tasks.
3-6 months Unpaid May request sector or type of work. Is likely to secure placement relevant to experience/qualifications/level of English. The work will have a high degree of administrative tasks and will be a junior position.

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