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Long Term Afternoon General English Course

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This course is designed for students who want to improve their overall level of English to communicate more fluently in work, travel and everyday life.

You will work on improving the skills involved with speaking, listening, reading and writing, so that you can improve your comprehension and communicate more freely. You will also work on your linguistic knowledge, increasing your vocabulary and deepening your understanding of the grammar and structure of the language. Courses at CES are communicative and task-based, using a core text book, the most up to date technology and authentic materials.

You will receive expert tuition and ongoing feedback from your teachers in order for you to make rapid and lasting progress. With access to the CES Online Learning Platform, you will be able to plan your studies to make the most of your stay.

The minimum age is 16 and there is a maximum of 14 students per class.

Afternoon Standard English course is comprised of 15 hours tuition per week and is designed for students who book a minimum of 25 weeks. 

This course is ILEP accredited and is suitable for non EU students who wish to apply for the Long Term student visa. 

Lessons are held every afternoon from Monday to Friday: 13.45 - 17.00

 Price  for 25 weeks Tuition -  €2750

 Registration Fee - €65

* Please note that to satisfy your visa requirements you must take an internationally recognised exam such as IELTS – Pearson - Cambridge


There are eight levels in the General English Program at CES Toronto. Each level has 12 weeks of curriculum, but students may progress faster. You will receive a level outline on the first day of classes that explains all the topics you will be learning in the level.

ENTRANCE LEVEL : no minimum level required

PM ELECTIVES-Sample Courses
  • Listening and Natural Pronunciation
  • Debates and Public Speaking
  • Media + Communications: Photography

2019 Start Dates : Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 6, June 3, July 2, July 29, Aug 26, Sept 23, Oct 21,Nov 18, Dec 16
* The school recommends starting the first day of class but offers flexibility to start other dates.

Download Toronto School's Course Overview Here 

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