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Celta - Teacher TrainingIRELAND,UK AND CANADA

Full-time and Part-time Online CELTA courses now available!

CES is a multi-award-winning English language school with over 40 years' experience. CES is located in Ireland, UK and Canada and is a market leader in Teacher Training and exam courses.

Our Cambridge CELTA course provides pre-service training for those who wish to enter the EFL profession. Our courses are delivered by a team of highly-qualified and experienced trainers, who are work online to give guidance, support and feedback to all participants.

How much is the course?
We are currently only able to run Online courses at a cost 
of €1430 OR £1245 with a booking deposit of €400 / £350

All CES centres will all be this 
price until we are able to resume Face to Face course delivery.   

For CES Dublin for more information please
contact teachertraining@ces-schools.com

For CES Edinburgh for more information
please contact edinburghteachertraining@ces-schools.com

For CES Leeds for more information please
contact celtaleeds@ces-schools.com 
2021 Course dates:
Face to Face classes will recommence when
government restrictions are lifted - Up until then all courses
will be deliverd Online.

Full time
11th January – 5th February - Dublin and Edinburgh - Online - 100% full and completed
18th January - 12th February - Leeds - Online  - 100% full and completed
15th February – 12th March - Dublin and Leeds - Online 60% full   
1st March - 26th March - Edinburgh and Leeds - Online  
12th April – 7th May - Dublin, Leeds and Edinburgh - Online  
26th April - 24th May - Leeds - Online 
17th May – 11th June - Dublin - Online 
31st May - 25th June - Edinburgh - Online 
14th June - 9th July - Leeds  - Online
21st June – 16th July - Dublin - Online 
5th July - 30th July - Edinburgh - Online 
2nd August - 27th August - Leeds  - Face to Face 
9th August - 3rd September - Edinburgh  - Face to Face 
16th August – 10th September - Dublin 
13th September - 8th October - Leeds 
27th September – 22nd October - Dublin 
4th October - 29th October - Edinburgh 
8th November – 3rd December - Dublin 
15th November - 10th December - Edinburgh and Leeds 

Online Part time courses 

11th January  – 22nd March - Dublin 
23rd January - 17th April - Edinburgh 
22nd March - 28th May - Leeds    
5th April – 14th June - Dublin - Waiting list in place
28th June – 6th September  - Dublin 
18th September - 4th December - Edinburgh 
11th October - 17th December - Leeds 
27th September – 6th December - Dublin 

Full-time online CELTA course (4 weeks) 

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

This is a fully-accredited 4-week intensive online course which prepares candidates to teach in both
a regular classroom as well as in an online one. The course takes places from
Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm (GMT).

Two sessions are delivered every morning by our tutors in an interactive and practical manner through the Zoom platform. These sessions are designed to help candidates acquire and put into practice the knowledge and techniques which are needed when teaching in a regular classroom environment as well as in an online classroom.

Every morning also has preparation time when our tutors give guidance on how to prepare and plan for Teaching Practice. Like a regular face-to-face CELTA, candidates must complete 6 hours of Teaching Practice with lessons lasting from 40 to 60 minutes. This is done every afternoon of the course when candidates teach students from around the world through the Zoom platform. These lessons last from 2pm to 4pm when candidates either teach or observe their peers. Class feedback is done afterwards.

Similar to the part-time course, there are 4 assignments and 6 hours of observation which need to be completed. No previous experience is needed in using the Zoom platform as training will be given prior to the commencement of the course. Attendance is 100% necessary for all morning input sessions and afternoon Teaching Practices.

Part-time online CELTA (10 weeks)

(Teacher Practice online on Saturdays 10am - 2pm)

Our fully-accredited Cambridge part-time online CELTA course is currently running entirely online using the Zoom platform. This means that you can take our course from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. It is a 10-week course which includes 6 hours of online teaching practice,
6 hours of online observation of experienced teachers, 4 assignments and 120 hours of online content as per Cambridge requirements. Trainees must complete all work online using the Moodle platform for course materials. Saturdays are Teaching Practice days where each trainee will teach online to genuine students for 45 minutes using Zoom. The course demands approximately 20 hours of your time per week to complete.

For further information and application process for Online CELTA courses, please contact: teachertraining@ces-schools.com

Please Download CELTA Brochures below:
Dublin Edinburgh Leeds

The University of Cambridge CELTA course is the most recognised introductory teacher training qualification both in the UK, Ireland and internationally.  The course is aimed at those with varying levels of experience ranging from little or no experience to those who wish to do a refresher course.

The CELTA certificate entitles the bearer to teach the English language to non-native speakers both in the UK, Ireland and abroad.  It ensures that you are provided with an insight into the professional life of a functioning school and brings you into direct contact with overseas learners. Please see www.cambridgeenglish.org for further information.  This certificate is now the benchmark qualification for employment in the quality EFL sector in the UK, Ireland and abroad.  CES has delivered teacher training courses since 2004.

Each course is moderated by a Cambridge English approved external assessor to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.

Application process for face to face classes:

  • To apply for our CELTA course in Dublin click here
  • To apply for our CELTA course in Edinburgh click here
  • To apply for our CELTA course in Leeds click here

Please Download CELTA Brochure
Dublin Edinburgh Leeds


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