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CELTA - Training to Teach English DUBLIN, LEEDS & EDINBURGH

Face-to-Face and Online CELTA courses

Whether you prefer to study face-to-face or online, full-time or part-time, our CELTA course will help you to prepare for your first steps in English language teaching!

The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the most widely recognised and respected initial teacher training course internationally. 

For many schools, the certificate is a prerequisite to teaching English in the UK, Ireland and abroad. You will learn teaching techniques and gain teaching experience with genuine language learners.

Who is CELTA for?

  • Both English speakers and non-native English speakers with no teaching experience who are keen on travelling and teaching English.
  • Those with some teaching experience who want to upgrade their knowledge and certification.

Key elements of the CELTA course

Similar to all CELTA training courses around  the world, there are six hours of Teaching Practice at two levels of English. As part of your training, you will undertake four written assignments and six hours of observation of trained and experienced teachers.

CELTA course requirements

  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • University degree or have a standard of education equivalent to being able to enter university.
  • Non-native speakers need to have a high C1 / C2 level.
  • Have good internet access and have confident computer skills for online courses.


Successful candidates will be able to:

  • Plan clearly staged lessons which lead to the achievement of teaching objectives.
  • Effectively implement these lesson plans by teaching classes appropriate to the level and language needs of learners.
  • Analyse language for the purposes of teaching and understanding basic EFL terminology.

Why do the CELTA with CES?

CES is a multi-award-winning English language school with over 40 years’ experience.  We have language schools in Ireland, the UK and Canada and we are a market leader in teacher training of overseas teachers as well as a leading IELTS exam centre.  Since 2004, we have successfully taught 3,000 candidates at our Dublin Edinburgh, and Leeds schools.

Our courses have been designed and are delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers who give guidance, support and feedback to all participants.

Candidates have access to our own CES online platform with invaluable extra resources.  CES also liaises with certain schools abroad (e.g. China, Japan, Indonesia, etc.) for work opportunities post course. 


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How much is the course?

2024 Face to Face courses:
Dublin - €1,950
UK - £1,545

2024 Online (10-week part-time and 5-week full-time courses)
Dublin - €1,580
UK - £1,355

2024 Online (24-week part-time courses)
Dublin - €1,700
UK - £1,460

Full-time Online CELTA Course (5 weeks) 

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

This is a fully accredited 5-week fast-track online course which prepares candidates to teach in both a regular classroom as well as online. No previous experience is needed in using the Zoom platform as training is given as part of the course. 

Sessions are delivered by our tutors in an interactive and practical manner through Zoom. These sessions are designed to help candidates acquire and put into practice the knowledge and techniques which are needed when teaching in a regular classroom environment as well as in an online classroom.  Preparation time is timetabled every day and our tutors will give you guidance on how to prepare for and plan lessons. Teaching Practice takes place through Zoom with these lessons occurring in the morning or afternoon.

2024 Celta – 5-week Full time – Online
Date Location Availability
19th February - 22nd March
Online Available
3rd June - 5th July Online Available
11th November - 13th December Online   Available

Part-time online CELTA (10 weeks)

Our 10-week CELTA course is fully online using the official Cambridge Moodle platform and Zoom. Trainees complete work using the Moodle platform for course material. Teaching practice is carried out either at the weekends in the morning or evenings during the week depending on the centre. Teaching Practice is 45 mins in length and is done through Zoom 8 times. You will need to attend twice a week, once to observe lessons and once to teach lessons. The total online time for the course is 10 hours per week with approximately 10 – 15 hours of independent week to complete during the week. The course demands approximately 20 - 25 hours of your time per week.

The application process has 3 parts:

  • Complete the application form and send it to teachertraining@ces-schools.com
  • You will then be asked to complete a language awareness task
  • Pending the success of the language awareness task, you will be asked to attend an online interview (45mins – 1hour). Here you will be asked to show basic understanding of Zoom features (chat box, screen share, break out rooms). You will be given a 10 minute timed writing task also.

By the end of the course you will have completed the following:

  • Completed 8 45 mins lessons with genuine language learners
  • Completed 4 assignments (750-1000 words each)
  • Observed 6 hours of experienced teachers
  • Completed 120 contact hours

We also offer a 24-week part time course. This is also a fully online course and will have Teaching Practice taking place every second week on a Wednesday from 9.30am - 12.30pm.

2024 Celta - 10-week Part-time Celta - Online
Date Location Type Availability
8th January - 22nd March Online online – TPs on weekend / mid-week Waiting list in place
10th February - 27th April Online online – TPs midweek (evenings) Available 
1st April - 14th June Online online – TPs on weekend / mid-week  Available 
1st July - 13th September Online online – TPs on weekend / mid-week  Available 
14th September - 30th November Online online – TPs midweek (evenings)  Available 
30th September - 13th December
online – TPs on weekend / mid-week 

2024 Celta - 24-week Part-time Celta - Online
Date Location Type Availability
17th January - 26th June Online online – TPs midweek Available
3rd July - 11th December Online online – TPs midweek

Full-time face-to-face CELTA course (4 weeks)

Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

This is the fastest way to gain your fully accredited CELTA qualification with CES. Choose to complete a 4-week face-to-face course on location in one of our three CELTA centres (Dublin, Edinburgh and Leeds).

Sessions are delivered each day by our experienced tutors focusing on teaching skills and theory before candidates have an opportunity to apply this in teaching practice. While this course is delivered in a face-to-face format, adaptations and considerations needed for online teaching are covered during input sessions. 

Teaching Practice is held daily with each day ending with feedback with your tutor. 
As with all CELTA course formats, candidates must complete 6 hours of Teaching Practice, 6 hours of observations and 4 written assignments. 100% attendance is expected for input sessions and Teaching Practice.

2024 - Edinburgh Celta - Face-to-Face
Date Location Type Availability
15th January – 09th February  Edinburgh
Face to Face  Waiting list in place
27th May – 21st June  Edinburgh  Face to Face  Available 
5th August - 30th August  Edinburgh  Face to Face  Available 
7th October - 1st November  Edinburgh  Face to Face  Available 

2024 - Dublin Celta - Face-to-Face
Date Type Availability
15th January - 9th February Face to Face Waiting list in place 
8th April - 3rd May Face to Face Available
2nd September - 27th September Face to Face Available
7th October - 1st November Face to Face Available

2024 -  Leeds Celta - Face-to-Face
Date Type Availability
8th April - 3rd May Face to Face Available
5th August - 30th August Face to Face Available
30th September - 25th October Face to Face Available

For further information about the application process for CELTA courses, please contact: [email protected] or visit our CELTA FAQs page for more help.

Applying for your CELTA course with CES

Step 1:  Download and complete an application form and send it to the centre where you want to do your course.

Step 2:  If you meet the requirements, you will be invited to an interview and complete a language awareness task

Step 3:  You will take part in an interview where we will help you with all aspects of the course

Step 4:  Upon successfully passing the interview, make payment and complete an unassessed pre-course task

Step 5:  Start the course.  Once successfully completed and graduated, you can begin looking for work.

For further information and application process for Online CELTA courses, please contact: [email protected] or visit our CELTA FAQs page for more help.


Questions? Contact us now!

For further information and questions about the CELTA courses, please contact: [email protected] or visit our CELTA FAQs page for more help.

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