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College/University Pathways Program

Location Available :
Toronto's New International Academy- Secondary School Pathway - New Adventures, New You

CES Toronto is excited to announce a Secondary School Pathway offered in partnership with Toronto International Academy . Starting September 2017, Toronto Academy will combine a passion for teaching with a wealth of experience to create a seriously fun Secondary School environment! will offer a professional, enthusiastic Ontario Secondary School experience that follows the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. It will focus on small class sizes, individual learning strategies, English language proficiency, and IELTS preparation. Whether you are preparing to go to a Canadian university or college, looking for local educational experience in Toronto, or wanting to improve your understanding of secondary school courses in a multicultural classroom, Toronto International Academy will help you achieve your goal and be a reliable and exceptional partner for you in this exciting time of your life!

Minimum age : 16
Students max per class : 16 (12 avg)
Number of lessons per week : 25 lessons of 50 min.
School days : Monday to Friday
Levels : Beginner to High advanced

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