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Junior Super Intensive Summer Course

Location Available :

The Junior Super Intensive Programme is a brand new programme that offers junior students the possibility to have a more intensive English tuition experience. Lessons are held every morning, from Monday to Friday (09.30 – 13.00). Each course is supported by its own syllabus and a published EFL course book. Teachers complement this syllabus. Course books are provided as class sets and shared. Lessons focus on developing the core language skills, with particular emphasis given to speaking and listening. Vocabulary and pronunciation work are integrated into each session. We use role-plays, project work, and task-based activities to develop students’ communicative skills. Students will also be asked to research and give weekly presentations on various aspects of British/Scottish culture, myth and legend.

As well as the morning classes mentioned above, students will have 3 additional afternoons classes aimed at improving their communicative proficiency through discussions, use of authentic material and technology to improve their ability to deliver presentations and improve transactional spoken English encounters.

Students have compulsory social, cultural and sporting activities 2 afternoons a week (14.00 – 17.00). Typically a week will include 1 full-day excursion, normally on a Saturday,   2 afternoon activities and an under-18 disco on evening a week.

Levels available: Elementary (A1), Pre-intermediate (A2),  Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2) Advanced (C1). According  to demand.

The minimum age is 12. Maximum age is 17.  There is a maximum of 15 students per class.

A Junior English Language is 20 lessons (15 hours) per week in the mornings plus 7 lessons (5.25 hours) 3 afternoons a week.

1 lesson in the UK = 45 minutes

Homestay accommodation

Dublin:17th June-16th August 2019
Leeds:24th June - 9th August 2019
Worthing: 17th June -16th August 2019


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