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The Social and Cultural programme in each CES school will form an important part of your stay in CES.

As well as being a great way to improve your English, our social programme includes visits and tours that enable you to see your new city through the eyes of local people. 

Each school has a dedicated team of ‘Yellow Shirts’ responsible for coming up with new and exciting things for you to see and do.

CES is very proud of our vibrant social and cultural programme. During your stay we will arrange:
  • A FREE orientation tour on your first day
  • Visits to the museums and art galleries, close to your learning centre
  • Visits to areas of historic or natural scenic beauty
  • Movie afternoons
  • History and nature walks
  • Quizzes and games
  • Sports afternoons – football – bowling – baseball
  • Afternoon dance and singing lessons
  • Saturday or full weekend tours to the most popular historic or tourist sites in Ireland 
NB. Some social activities are free. Other activities may incur small expenses. For example, students should buy their own drinks during the pub nights. Most weekend excursions are not free and are not included in course fees (unless otherwise stipulated in group packages). Such activities are pay-as-you-go.

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