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CES Leeds is located in the very centre of Leeds in its own beautiful Georgian building. The school has been completely refurbished to the absolute highest standards.
CES Leeds facilities
  • 10 classrooms in winter – 20 classrooms in summer (external to main adult school)
  • Flat TV screens in all classrooms
  • Computers in all classrooms
  • Average class size of 10
  • Free Self-Access 3 hours a week
  • CES online free for all students
  • DVD library and graded readers
  • Computer room with 12 Chromeboxes
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet access
  • Student common room with vending machines, student fridge and microwave
  • Official Trinity Exam Centre
  • Official IELTS Test Centre
  • In peak sessions we may use external classrooms at Aspire and University Centre at Leeds City College.

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