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School Location

Our school is located in the beautiful village of Wheatley, just 9 kilometers from the centre of Oxford city.

In Wheatley you will be able to mix traditional village life with the excitement of great student nights out in the city.

Many of our students live only a short walk from the school. A 20 minute bus ride will take you to the centre of Oxford with its museums, ancient colleges and traditional shopping areas.

Wheatley is a small village of just over 6000 people where there is a traditional, rural, English countryside feel. There are a number of small shops, old world pubs, a post office as well as a beautiful church.

Wheatley is ideally located for trips to nearby London, only 90 minutes away from the school. Inexpensive coaches run to London every 15 minutes from near the village.

CES Oxford, 67 High Street, Wheatley, Oxfordshire, OX33 1XT

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