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All of our schools offer an immersive English language experience. English is the national language of the UK and Ireland and is the language used every day.

In Edinburgh and Dublin you may see some signs in the city that are dual language.

In Ireland the currency is the Euro.

In England and Scotland the currency is the Pound Sterling.

England and Scotland are part of the same country so you do not need to show a passport when travelling between them. If you are flying you may need to show your passport at the airport for security.


Our Standard, Intensive and IELTS Prep courses start every Monday morning.

Cambridge, IELTS Express, Business English and Teacher Training courses have specific start dates and times during the year which they run.

In Dublin classes run Monday to Friday. They begin at 09:00 and end at 13:00. Classes break at 11:00 for 20 minutes until 11.20.

For those taking the Intensive Course, Afternoon classes commence at 14:00 on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays and end at 16:00.

In the UK classes run Monday to Friday. They begin at 09:30 and end at 13:00. Classes break at 11:00 for 30 minutes until 11:30.

For those taking the Intensive Course,, afternoon classes commence at 14:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays and end at 16:30.

Our school buildings open at 08:30 Monday to Friday. Our schools are not open at the weekend.

There is a maximum of 14 students per class in Dublin, Worthing, Wimbledon, Leeds and Edinburgh.

There is a maximum of 9 students per class in Oxford and Worthing.

Lessons are developed by our academic team based on the needs of the students in their class. A weekly programme is posted up in the classrooms so that students are aware of the week’s goals.

A course textbook is used to provide structure for the lessons and this can be purchased from the school reception.

All students will have the opportunity to sit a placement test on their first day at Centre of English Studies. This will look at your grammar, writing and speaking skills and is used by our academic teams to place you in the most appropriate class.

We offer a system of continuous assessment during your study and at the end of each week our academic team will discuss which students should move to a different level in order to maximise their language experience.

If you feel you are in the wrong level speak to your class teacher or to the Director of Studies.


At Centre of English Studies we can provide homestay accommodation at all seven of our centres. Our schools in Dublin, London, Leeds and Edinburgh can also offer residential accommodation.

Homestay accommodation is provided on a half-board basis in Dublin, London, Oxford and Edinburgh. It is provided on a full-board basis in Worthing and in Harrogate.

Your host family will assist you with your laundry during your stay. Most families will have their own laundry facilities rather than using a local laundrette.

No. If you wish you can book an airport transfer on arrival through the school. You will be collected at the airport and taken directly to your host family.

You can also take public transport from the airports to the town and city centres.

Yes. All of our host families offer internet connections. You will also find high speed wifi throughout all our school buildings.

No. Our families go through a strict and rigorous selection process.

A member of our Accommodation team visit, and check each family before they are allocated students.

We, here on the school Accommodation Team, will choose a family for you and place you with them.

In CES we pride ourselves on placing our students with experienced and welcoming hosts who are happy to be a part of your learning  journey. 

As standard it is the host families that will do the cooking, however many of them will be happy for you to cook the occasional meal if you ask beforehand. If you plan on cooking regularly you may prefer a self-catering option.

All of our CES schools have a dedicated Accommodation Officer who will be happy to help with any accommodation issues.

Social Programme

Yes. Every CES school has a dedicated team of “Yellow Shirts” who organise daily social activities designed to allow you to experience the local area and to practice your English in a natural environment.

Weekly social programmes can be found in all of the common rooms and at reception.

The social programme consists of a mix of free and paid activities. Normally there is one free activity every day.