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Standard General English Afternoon Course (SGEPM) DUBLIN

This is a brand new budget course available in our Dublin school. 

The Standard General English Afternoon Course takes place every afternoon from Monday to Friday; leaving you free to join our Morning Social Programme or to explore the city on your own. Your afternoon lessons are divided into two parts, usually taught by two different teachers. Lessons concentrate on building your knowledge of the language, focusing primarily on helping you increase your vocabulary and improve your grammar so that you attain the levels of accuracy you require. Lessons also work on improving your overall communicative proficiency and fluency, focusing on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition to this you will work on specific pronunciation difficulties and expand the range of language you use in real-life situations.

NB. Please note that this course is extremely popular with our South American (Brazil / Mexico) clientele so be aware that classes will have a much more limited nationality mix than our morning classes.


Start Dates: Every Monday
Minimum Level:  Elementary (A2). Please enquire with our office for queries for Beginner’s (A1) level
Lessons per week: IRL: 15 lessons per week
Lesson duration: IRL: 1 lesson - 45 minutes
Class Size: Average 12, Maximum 15
Minimum age: 16+
Available in: Dublin

Please note this course is currently completely full until September 2020.


Students will have access to a special SGEPM social and cultural programme as well as having access to the CES regular Saturday or weekend tours.

There is a smaller self-access centre available during the morning in Coppinger Row (our dedicated SGEPM centre) from 09.30 – 11am and 11.30 – 12.30

This course is ILEP accredited and is suitable for non EU students who wish to apply for the Long Term student visa. 


IRELAND: 13:45 – 17:00 Monday to Friday