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Robert Tuck

janv. 20, 2018, 23:40
Principal- CES Leeds
Robert Tuck has 20 years of EFL teaching and management experience abroad. He started teaching in San Sebastian in Spain in 1990. After a short stint in Germany, Robert moved to Lisbon, Portugal, in 1996 where he joined the British Council as a teacher of English. His British Council career took him to Seoul, South Korea, as a teacher, then to Tunisia as Assistant Manager of the British Council's Teaching Centre in Tunis, and then finally to Morocco where he was the manager of the British Council's Casablanca Teaching Centre. Robert joined CES in January 2012. He holds a Trinity Certificate and Diploma in TESOL, BSc (Hons), MA in Education,and a MBA in Educational Management. In his free time he enjoys jogging and mountain-biking, reading and family time with his three young sons.
  • Leeds FR
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