Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT)

The CES ACELS (The Advisory Council for English Language Schools) accredited CELT (Certificate in English Language Teaching) was established in 2007 as part of the EFL industry's continuing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards within EFL in Ireland.
This certificate ensures you are provided with an insight into the professional life of a functioning school and brings you into direct contact with overseas learners. This Certificate is now the benchmark qualification for employment in the quality EFL sector. Please see http://www.acels.ie/ for further information.

 Where is the CELT certificate recognised and by whom?

The CELT certificate entitles the bearer to teach the English language both in Ireland and abroad. It is the minimum requirement for employment in the recognised sector in Ireland. Due to increased standardisation of English language teaching certificates, it is often the minimum requirement for teaching abroad too. The English equivalent would be the CELTA. Both certificates are fully recognised by the Irish Department of Education and the British Council.

What are the course details?

As an approved centre for the CELT, CES has a reputation for an outstanding level of teacher training. Our ACELS recognised course provides pre-service training for those who wish to enter the EFL profession at an initial level. Our courses are delivered by a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers, who are available to offer guidance, support and feedback to all participants.

It is an intensive 4-week 120+ hour course, which takes place from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

Please note that on teaching practice days, trainees may be requested to stay a little later to facilitate feedback sessions with trainers.

Course Fees

This course costs €999.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should be at least 21 years of age and hold a university degree or equivalent (minimum Level 7 according to the National Qualification Authority Ireland (http://www.hetac.ie/)

Candidates without a NQAI level 7 must sign a waiver precluding them from seeking employment in the ACELS recognised sector in Ireland. Non-native speakers may be admitted provided that their level of English is equivalent to that of the Council of Europe's Mastery level C2 (Proficiency).

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the classes?

It is CES policy that the maximum number of participants is 16. Within the confines of the group, you will spend much of your time working in small groups but you will be expected to complete some tasks individually.

What does the timetable consist of and what is the course content?

You will be given a course timetable as well as a course handbook during the first input session. However, the course will cover the following areas.

An introduction to E.F.L
Information on EFL in Ireland and abroad

Language Awareness
Introduction to grammar, function and lexis

Lesson Planning
Planning lessons

Teaching Techniques
Approaches to and methods of teaching

Creative Teaching
Using DVD, music and song, drama and role-play to teach

Authentic Materials
Using and adapting authentic materials

Language Skills
Integration of the four skills (reading, writing, speaking & listening.)

Modern approaches and methodology to language learning

Classroom Management
Group dynamics, teacher/student interaction

Error Analysis
Understanding how learners learn and the mistakes they make

Materials Evaluation
Choosing and adapting course books, using authentic materials

Teaching Practice Sessions
Teaching a class of mixed-nationality students at a given level

Classroom Observation
Observation of classes given by experienced teachers

There will also be designated self-study periods set aside during the course when you can work alone on your portfolio, project or forthcoming teaching practice sessions. The self-study periods are always tutor assisted. Under course regulations 100% attendance is strongly recommended and 90% is compulsory. CES will not award a certificate unless these conditions are met.

How much Teaching Practice is involved and is it with foreign students?

On a 120+ hour teacher-training course, you will receive a minimum of 360 minutes teaching practice. All teaching practice takes place within the school with classes of a maximum 14 students per class. Each session will last 30 or 60 minutes. The students in the class are all learning english as a foreign language or other Language and you will be informed of their level prior to the class. Levels taught range from Pre-Intermediate to Upper Intermediate. A trainer will be present to observe the class and give both oral and written feedback after the session. All teaching practice sessions must be attended.

Is teaching observation included?

Throughout the course, you will be given the opportunity to observe a minimum of six hours of experienced teachers teaching at a variety of levels. Every attempt is made to ensure that you observe the level of class that you will be teaching in your following teaching practice. You will be required to do all observations.

What is a portfolio and why do I need it?

A portfolio is your personal record of what you have learnt on the course and clearly illustrates your development as a teacher. It contains samples of your lesson plans and materials prepared throughout the course, your homework, 5 assignments, and is a valuable document to show to prospective employers.

What will I be able to do at the end of the course?

By the end of the CES CELT course, the successful candidate should be able to do the following: -

* plan clearly staged lessons, which lead to the achievement of teaching objectives.

* effectively implement these lesson plans by teaching classes appropriate to the level and language needs of language learners.

* analyse language for the purposes of teaching and understand basic EFL terminology.

* evaluate and adapt materials, authentic or otherwise, available for teaching various aspects of EFL.

* understand how learners of different nationalities learn and effectively facilitate this process.

* understand classroom management theory and be able to put it into practice.

* be familiar with current practices in teaching English as a foreign language.

How will I be assessed?

Although you have to work in small groups, your evaluation and assessment is carried out on an individual basis by our team of trainers and is based on the following: -

* Teaching practice which takes place throughout the course
* A portfolio which will be handed in at the end of the course

Both elements have equal weighting.

Successful candidates will get a certificate in CELT awarded by ACELS (The Advisory Council Of English Language schools) on the basis of their performance according to the course requirements. Please see www.acels.ie for further information.

Approved with Distinction - Potentially excellent
Approved - Potentially very good

The course is a demanding one with a heavy workload although we do have a very high success rate. However, we cannot guarantee that all candidates will pass. Should you fail the teaching practice sessions or the portfolio element you will not be eligible for the CELT certificate.

Do you give career advice?

As there is such a large network of officially recognised schools throughout the country, you have a clear advantage when looking for a job in the quality sector in Ireland. There are often job opportunities at CES itself and we will give preference to our successful trainees. In general, recognised schools give preference to CELT Certificate holders accredited by ACELS. Our trainers will endeavour to assist you where and when possible.

How do I apply?

Please e-mail teachertraining@ces-schools.com for the application form and return it to:

Centre of English Studies at 31 Dame Street, Dublin 2

On receipt of your completed application form, you will be invited for an interview by the Course Director. Acceptance on the course is conditional on the candidate successfully passing the interview stage. If accepted, you will be asked to pay a deposit of €350 to secure your place. This deposit is non-refundable unless you cancel your place 5 working days prior to the start date.

The balance of the fees is due on the Tuesday before the start date.


Should a candidate drop out of the course after the commencement date there will be no refund of fees. 

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