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Hockey kids

Summer Teen Hockey Camp Tornto

Summer Teen Hockey Camp- New Adventures, New You

Improve your English, Improve your game!

The CES Toronto Teen Activity Program and the World Class Hockey camp provide students with a great opportunity to improve both their English and their hockey skills. Both programs are full time. Players are grouped by age and caliber and work on a wide range of skills such as, puck control, elite forward skills, specialized defense skills, skating and of course – scoring! The Hockey Camp is both technically challenging and physically demanding, but taught in a fun way, just like the English classes!

This program lets students improve their language skills in a wellstructured learning environment with qualified language teachers and then facilitates learning in a natural environment with Canadian Teens. Our international students will be able to take what they learn in the language classes and apply these skills when in an immersion environment during the World Class Hockey program – what a great way to experience true Canadian culture!

  • Tuition
  • Homestay & airport transfers
  • Afternoon activities
  • Saturday excursions
  • Hockey Program
2020 Start Dates: Jun 15 – Aug 28

World Class Hockey Camp Details:
  • Transportation included
  • Players responsible for bringing own equipment
  • Players stay in Homestay for English and Hockey programs
Download Course's Overview here
Two Trainees - Junior hockey Camp